FREE Kinderpuppy Pre-school

For puppies between 7 and 14 weeks. 

Get your puppy started out on the right paw with this free, completely off leash class! This course will primarily focus on socialization with puppies and people (including children, men, and strangers), good manners, and gentle jaws by introducing bite inhibition. The classes will also cover potty training, crate training, and introduction to the leash. This course teaches you how to send leadership signals to your dog, use positive reinforcement and luring your puppy into positions like sit, down and stand. Another important aspect of this class is teaching your puppy self-control and handling exercises. 

If this is your first class with us please call our office BEFORE coming to class. to complete registration by creating an account! 

Registration fee: FREE 


Requirements: Puppies must be between the ages of 7 and 14 weeks. Proof of at least one DHPP vaccination given at least 5 days prior to your first session and a bordetella vaccination.