Puppy Pre-Agility

Have you ever seen your puppy zoom through a tunnel at lightning speed? Well now is your chance! Give your pup an appropriate and fun outlet for all that pent-up puppy cuteness while learning the basic foundations of the sport of agility. This special time will not only get them nice and tired (a tired dog is a happy dog) but will expose them to many important pieces of equipment used in a variety of dog sports. Pups will get to run through the tunnel, do balance exercises on wobble boards, learn engaging agility games that teach basic agility fundamentals, and much more. Come once or come multiple times it will be a blast every time! Cost: $35/ 1 1-hour class, $135/ 4 1-hour classes, $270/ 8 1-hour classes Duration: Drop-in, one-hour class Age requirement: 4 months - 1 year Other requirements: Puppy PreK or Playcare temperament assessment, Owner's manual, Rabies, Da2pp, Bordetella
Requirements: Up to date vaccinations: Da2pp, Bordetella, Rabies, attended at least one puppy pre-k or pass Playcare temperament assessment