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At Waggie Pet Zone you will always find a clean welcoming environment and friendly staff!

Facility Features

  • Our large covered drive-up entry makes the dropping off and picking up of your pet comfortable and convenient.

  • Spacious guest suites and runs are laid out in divided areas to reduce noise levels and insure that our canine guests remain calm and relaxed.

  • Our entire facility is air conditioned and heated with in-line dehumidifiers to maintain optimum comfort levels for our guests.
  • In addition to our 14+ hour a day pet care staff, we provide security devices throughout the facility that are monitored 24 hours a day.
  • The exercise yards provide safety and security for both large and small dogs. Inside The Pet Zone the multiple layers of interior doors insure that our facility is more secure than most private homes.
  • All canine guests in luxury suites enjoy a comfortable raised bed with fleece bedding, or you may bring your pet's own bedding and toys. (See Boarding Policy)
  • Our spacious traditional runs provide canine guests with loafing benches and a glass door in a dorm-style group setting. As always, you are welcome to bring your pet's own bedding and toys.
  • While in supervised playcare groups, our canine guests enjoy our 1000 sq ft. indoor climate controlled play area to socialize with their dog friends.
  • A 1 acre play park featuring dog friendly playground equipment and splash pools for our water loving guests.
  • Also, a 10,000 sq. ft. agility course providing an area for agility training, practice and competition.

Service Features

  • All of our guests enjoy calming music throughout The Zone to promote relaxation. 
  • All suites feature a flat panel television playing your dog's favorite pet friendly shows.
  • In The Zone our canine guests are escorted outdoors individually, to securely fenced yards, for potty breaks 6 times a day beginning at 6:30 am and ending at 10 pm.
  • All pets boarding in The Zone have the opportunity to participate in at least 3 supervised playgroups with other guests of similar size and temperament each day. 
  • All guests are provided with clean fresh drinking water at all times.
  • The Zone room service provides meals to all pets twice daily. Additional meals will be provided at the owner's request for no additional charge.

We encourage you to come for a tour.

You will never need an appointment to see our facility during our regular office hours.